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Taking work experience for Study Programme learners to the next level

The Adult Learning Improvement Network (ALIN) are managing and delivering a Study Programme project on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to increase awareness, capacity and expertise in the post-16 education sector highlighting the value of work experience and maximising maths and English.

ETF have taken advice from Department for Education (DfE), Ofsted and EFA on the areas for concern and development needs across the sector in relation to the delivery of high quality work experience within Study Programmes.

ALIN have developed a comprehensive wrap around support package focusing on three key issues:

  • how to improve consistent good practice across an organisation/college to ensure all learners access and benefit from meaningful work experience
  • how to fully explore and maximise learners maths and English skills in preparation for and during work experience
  • how to accurately recognise and record learners progress and achievements from their involvement in work experience

Leading to the:

  • better promotion of the benefits of work experience throughout the Study Programme.

All subject areas (including A levels) are expected to include work experience and recognise the importance and value this brings to the programme of study for the learner.

The wrap around package is designed to help all staff at all levels who may be involved or contribute to study programmes (not just those directly involved in arranging work experience).

Download the flyer for more information on the offer. 

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