Skills competitions

Female car painting apprentice

Every year thousands of young people and adults, supported by their teachers, tutors and trainers, compete in WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions to be the best in their technical or vocational skill area.

There is an emerging suite of evidence which connects the use of skills competitions in technical and vocational teaching to improved outcomes for teaching and learning.  Funding for WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions, comes from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and is routed through the Education and Training Foundation.  This funding, in combination with private sector sponsorship, also supports The Skills Show, where the finals of the WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions take place.  This provides a great opportunity to encourage more employer involvement and sector engagement in skills competitions, to help more teachers, tutors and trainers to further develop the occupational and pedagogical expertise necessary for them to become ‘dual professionals’.

How do we achieve this?

To achieve this aim, the Foundation has commissioned educational organisation WorldSkills UK, to run the WorldSkills UK Skills Competitions as well as providing support for The Skills Show and The Skills Show ExperienceThrough hands-on skills competitions and experiential careers events, WorldSkills UK aims to develop young people’s understanding of, and engagement with, apprenticeships, further education and skills.

For the benefits of competitions to spread to practitioners as well as learners, ETF and WorldSkills UK are also collaborating on CPD programmes. The latest programme is a Professional Development Programme for teaching professionals and employers which combines the latest global thinking in apprenticeship and technical skills delivery with WorldSkills UK’s knowledge of producing world-beating apprentices. Find out more on the WorldSkills UK website.