HE in FE

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As over 10% of Higher Education (HE) in England is delivered within the Further Education (FE) sector, the Foundation is keen that there is suitable training available for the teachers and trainers actually delivering these higher level programmes, including Higher Level Apprenticeships.

We commissioned Derby University to devise and pilot a module to address this area with the longer term aim of making this available as an option module within the full teaching qualification (Diploma in Education & Training/PGCE) and/or a free standing CPD module. This work commenced in December 2016 and completed in June 2017. We are now planning to provide an online version of this programme to allow providers to run it themselves at their convenience, and also to offer two more face-to-face programmes at regional locations. We are also aiming to gain university accreditation for the module.

For more information please contact howard.pilott@etfoundation.co.uk.