Digital Skills Support

student and teacher looking at screen

Improving your personal digital skills and applying these skills in teaching and learning.

We all need to keep our digital skills up to date, for our own personal use, to operate more effectively in our jobs and to help improve the digital skills of our learners.

We are stronger in the areas that we practise regularly and not so confident with digital skills that we use less often. There is a need for us to support our learners consistently to develop and use a wide range of digital skills. There is also a need for us to use our digital skills to support delivery of our learning programmes.

We have developed two sets of courses to support you in this area:

1. Enhancing your personal digital skills

free online course that will help you to develop your personal digital skills with ideas about how to use the skills with learners.

Use the self-assessment tool to help work out what you should look at and review how you have improved having worked through each module.

Courses and workshops to further develop your skills. These courses and workshops are delivered through blended learning and can be delivered on-site at a learning provider or for groups of providers:

2. Applying your digital skills in teaching and learning

These courses are designed to help improve your application of digital skills, building your confidence to use technology in the classroom, workshop or virtual learning environment.

Delivered online with tutor support, each module takes you through the theory, demonstrates how the tools can be used and then invites you to have a go yourself.  Book on a course, each focusing on a different area of digital development:

The Career College Trust is offering a free digital skills analysis for teaching staff, worth up to £2000, to any organisation that books 20 places on these bitesize digital skills courses.

Email to find out more.