ATS (Advanced Teacher Status)

Man talking to two female colleagues

The Education & Training Foundation (ETF) launched Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) for teachers and trainers on 23 June 2017. This is a further step in improving and championing the quality of the sector’s teaching and training profession, and also develops the ETF’s trusted role in delivering the Department for Education’s workforce strategy.

Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) is the badge of advanced professionalism and mastery in further education and training. It is an advanced professional status that is conferred by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) through the Society for Education and Training (SET).

This new status recognises experienced professionals who can demonstrate:

  • mastery in teaching and/or training
  • an exemplary degree of subject knowledge in their area of professional expertise
  • effectiveness in working collaboratively to improve teaching standards amongst their peers or within their organisation.

The first ATS cohort of applicants will start on 1 October 2017 and will benefit from a reduced fee of £250 (normal fee £750) in return for providing extensive feedback about their experience of undertaking ATS.

Find out more about ATS and register your interest on the SET website.

What are the benefits of ATS?

ATS is a deserved and highly sought after badge of recognition for advanced teachers and trainers.

Achievement of ATS will allow you to:

  • demonstrate to employers and colleagues your mastery in teaching or training
  • advance your career in terms of progressing to more senior roles
  • use ATS as a designation in your signature and profiles.

Undertaking ATS is an excellent developmental opportunity that will enable you to:

  • reflect on your practice to further improve your teaching and learning
  • build collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners, developing skills in mentoring colleagues to bring about changes in their own and others’ practice
  • maintain and update your subject knowledge and educational research
  • apply understanding of effective practice in teaching and learning
  • critically evaluate practice and assess its impact
  • collaborate with your employers, where applicable
  • contribute to organisational development
  • develop curriculum or teaching and learning leadership skills.


We are also working closely with the Chartered College of Teaching to ensure holders of ATS will automatically be conferred Chartered Teacher Status, once the college launches it within the schools sector (2018).